Ye Angst – Sundown

I spent a good while looking through social media and the internet to find some information on Ye Angst and the phrase that popped up time and time again was the following, “Ye Angst is an artist’s vision interpreted through the looking glass of the days of youthful angst.”

Ye Angst is a Melbourne based music project and has quite a comprehensive collection of singles and EPs under their belt. Sundown is their latest single and was released on 01/03/2023.

With its roots firmly in the classic rock genre of music, this track still reaches out and grabs influences from a whole host of other genres too.

The track kicks off with some funky guitar work that continues throughout the whole song with riffs and melodies that will definitely stick in your head. Musically, this song steals traits from funk, progressive rock, art rock, classic rock, and hard rock and incorporates sounds from the late seventies, eighties, and nineties funk and rock music.

Although strong classic rock vocals are featured on this track, this is essentially an instrumental track as the music stands out far more than the lyrics. At times it really feels like the instruments are the ones that are singing and the actual vocals blend in with this element of the track. Please do not take this as a bad thing, as the track, musically and vocally, really does work.

The track is funky, its rocky and it is technically excellent. This is the perfect treat for your ears as there is always something to listen to because the song has so much to offer.

An excellent track and I can’t wait to hear more from this obviously very talented musician.

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