Canning – Shortline

Canning are a three-piece US based rock band who use drums, bass and guitar as the fundamental building blocks on which they base their sound. Featuring Ricky canning on guitar and vocals, Fritz Armstrong on bass and vocals and Tom Miller on drums, the band have an extensive list of influences ranging from The Beatles to Aphex Twin to technical death metal and Eric Clapton.

Shortline was released in May of last year and is a lovely blend of classic rock, alternative rock with a touch of blues thrown in for good measure.

The guitars are very rocky in this track with some heavy riffs, but also a great deal of blues in the solos and the drum and bass section of the band is energetic and funky. I can hear the Beatles influence very clearly in the guitars (almost reminding me of Day Tripper in style) and slight distortion on the guitar solos gives a hint of Jimi Hendrix too.

The vocals are quirky but very upbeat. With a classic rock base, the vocals would also fit right at home in an alternative rock or indie rock sound too. Layered backups accompany the leads and this gives the track a great depth and dynamism.

Extremely catchy, this is a track that will stay in your head for the rest of the day as it takes you on a nostalgic trip back to the alternative sound of the 90’s while also remaining quite up to date.

This is a great track that is rocky and bouncy and will certainly be one that would wake you up in the morning!

Loved it.

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