The One Tonic – Broken

This is not the first time I have reviewed music by The One Tonic. Having previously reviewed singles The Richest man Alive and We Can’t Fail, I jumped at the chance to review Broken, his latest single, released on 28/02/2023.

The One Tonic is the brainchild of Salt Lake City based artist Matt Soren and having had his fair share of turmoil throughout his life, he now donates a proportion of all net proceeds from ticket, product and merchandise sales to support organizations that strengthen families and lift individuals out of addiction, mental illness and other curve balls.

The track starts in quite a subdued way with lots of ambient bass drums and guitars, some funky basslines and soft vocals before the whole thing really kicks in with drums, heavy electric guitars and a strong powerful voice.

Once again, there is quite an industrial feel to the track and this is provided by heavy electronic beats that are prevalent throughout the whole track and this mixed with the electric guitar sound really is a feast for the ears.

The vocals are simply fantastic on this track. Somewhat quirky, Matt has a strong voice and he uses this to totally command the song, never once being overshadowed by the music that is accompanying him. He can swap from low, understated vocals to full-on rock and he does this seamlessly and with ease.

Previous tracks by this band have had an 80’s feel to them but this one remains completely in the here and now, with a touch of futurism thrown in too.

The track has peaks and troughs in strength, power and pace, and this really takes the listener on a musical journey, never allowing them to get disinterested in the song. This song really has a lot to offer and just one listen through is not enough to hear it all.

The One Tonic is fast becoming one of my favourites at the moment and I really cannot wait for an album. Each song has got progressively better and if the singles are anything to go by then an album with be an absolute gem to listen to.

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