The Loud Bangs – Stray Honey

Having previously reviewed The Loud Bang’s EP Salvation Memorial Hospital, I was eager to hear more from this band from Los Angeles.

A four-piece rock group consisting of Alice Street, Daisy Gutierrez, Hannah Remley, and Marcus Nemuro, and play music that is influenced by shoegaze, ’90s alternative and German club music. And with six eps and numerous singles under their belt for 2022, this is certainly a hardworking band.

Stray Honey is their latest EP and was released on 14/02/2023.

The Loud Bangs music is certainly captivating, even hypnotising at times, and this has earned them the nickname “The Pink Floyd of Shoegaze”.

Lyrics feature more on this EP than they did on the last one but even now, it’s the music that the band uses to draw people in, mesmerising them with their unique blend of shoegaze (a style of rock music characterized by a sound in which the distinctions between separate instruments and vocals are blurred), psychedelia and alternative rock/pop.

Guitars, both acoustic and electric, are used in conjunction with ambient synths and electronic beats to create a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s and 90’s, while also maintaining a fresh and up to date sound.

The vocals that are used on this EP are haunting and mysterious and create a very atmospheric vibe to the EP that will transport you away to another dimension. The EP is easy to listen to and the sheer power of the music will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The track This Is A Japanese Robot has a more upbeat feel to it but we are taken back down again with the final track Bell Gardens.

This is a great EP that fans of any of the genres mentioned in this review will love. But please, go and check out The Loud bangs for yourself and see what you think.

Track Listing:

1) Electroprize

2) Sex Complex

3) We All Want To Be All Right

4) This Is A Japanese Robot

5) Bell Gardens

Photo Credits: Kim Withers

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