Single By Sunday – Severed Ties

Single By Sunday are a punk rock boy band from the UK and got together because they “all share a similar sense of humour and play instruments.”

Severed Ties is the band’s latest single and was released on 17/02/2023.

Inspired by a lot of the punk pop / rock bands of the early 2000’s, this is a band that is certainly full of energy. Combining the vigour of punk and the dynamism of pop / rock, these guys really know how to rock.

The guitars and bass are heavy yet melodic and bouncy, the drumming is energetic and the vocals are a great mix of emo, pop/punk and alternative rock. The backup vocals are a perfect accompaniment to the leads and the production on this track is excellent.

The song, itself, is about finally pulling the plug on a relationship after endless turmoil and this is a theme a lot of people can relate to, making the appeal of the track that much wider.

This is a high-energy, post-punk gem of a track that will have you jumping around the living room like a loon almost as soon as it starts. It is full-on from start to finish and I can imagine this being a fan’s favourite in a love setting.

So, all you punk, post-punk, pop/punk fans out there! Get yourselves to Spotify and check this band from Scotland out. You will not be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Nicole Eakins

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