Lords Of Dust – Kickin Dust Up

The Facebook page of Lords Of Dust describes them as “A new heavy caravan of Metal, Blues, Psych, and Punk outta the fire and sand of Southern California” and I think this is actually a really good way to describe them! Forming in 2017, the band members all knew each other before from playing in several bands together and consists of Dan Pernambuco, Tim Booras, Mike Blackwell and Josh Darling. They grew up listening to a lot of hardcore punk, heavy metal and rock n roll and the music they make now is a combination of all three.

Kickin Dust Up is their latest EP and was released on 16/11/2022. The EP kicks off with the high-energy track Let’s Rip and they certainly do. If just the first track does not have you up and jumping about then do you even like music?

This EP really does have it all. The guitar riffs are heavy and really do hit you right in the stomach, and that is always a good (no great!) thing in my book. The solos are straight out classic rock with a bit of blues and stoner rock thrown in to give it more sludgey vibe and distortion gives the whole sound a fuzzy feel. There is even a doomy feeling about the EP in track five; Blood On The Skulls, that sent shivers up my spine (again, a good thing!)

The drumming is not only energetic, it is totally off the scale, and the bass lines are funky to add that little bit of groove.

Now, what of the vocals? I absolutely love this guys voice on this EP. The vocals are strong, powerful and typically classic rock with a grittiness to them to add to the sludgey/stoner rock vibe the EP has going on. He can swap from screams to punk rock style vocals to classic at the drop of a hat and does so with ease and great ability.

I absolutely loved this EP and have listened to it more than once! How many times exactly I cannot say as it repeated itself numerous times and I lost count but there was never a time I grew bored or disinterested. There is always so much going on that just one listen through isn’t enough to hear all this EP has to offer.

I am now waiting for the album and I am sure it will be just as friggin’ good as this EP is!

Track Listing:

1) Let’s Rip

2) Three On The Tree

3) Mr Stranger

4) Swing The Hammer / Union Song

5) Blood On The Skulls

6) Protest Song

Photo Credit: Lords Of Dust

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