5th Projekt – The Wolf

5th Projekt is a female-fronted cinematic art-rock band from Toronto featuring Tara Rice on vocals and guitar and Sködt McNalty on guitar, although both are multi-instrumentalists. On stage they are joined by Peter Broadley on bass and Jeremy Oram on drums.

The Wolf is the first in a trilogy of EPs, with The Owl coming in 2024 and, finally, The Bee, for which a release date has yet to be confirmed and was released on 07/03/2023.

The Wolf was inspired by Tara Rice and Sködt McNalty’s forty-day journey under The Milky Way following ley lines on the Camino Santiago de Compostela, and is a second over nineteen minutes of experimental and psychedelic music that will mesmerise the listener.

Tara’s haunting vocals are a very prominent feature of the EP and her vocal ability and range is just phenomenal, her voice almost hypnotic in nature. The musical composition that accompanies her is both magical and obviously comes from some very talented musicians. There is a slight distortion on the instruments that gives the EP its psychedelic yet grungey feel, but the vocals and music fit together perfectly.

This EP does not and can not fit into any one particular genre, the lines between them blurred out of existence. With influences ranging from alternative rock, to shoegaze to art pop this is not a band who are afraid to experiment with their music, and they do it to great effect.

This is a great EP that takes the listener on a journey through mystical, ancient lands with clever use of genre-bending and psychedelic sounds that really pulls the listener in. Put this on your headphones, turn it up and loud and you will be transported away from the real world. THAT is the power of this EP.


Track Listing:

1) Autopilot Disengage

2) Vagabond

3) The Wrong Way

4) The Pace

Photo Credits: 5th PROJEKT

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