Soulhole – Pretty Mumma

Soulhole are an energetic rock band from the UK, formed for a friend’s wedding in 2012, and their sound “fuses influences from an eclectic array of genres of popular music.” The themes of their music are usually satirical takes on modern living, while focusing on personal themes and socio-political concerns.

Their career has seen them support the rock band Reef and as their performance was so well received, they were asked to end the evening with an impromptu second set!

Pretty Mumma is their latest single and was released on 03/03/2023.

A fabulous blend of indie rock/pop, alternative rock and Britpop, this is an upbeat track that will certainly get you tapping your foot.

All the elements of alternative rock are in here, great guitar riffs, funky basslines and energetic drumming but there is an edginess to the track that really makes it stand out. What sounds like saxophones and trumpets accompany the rock elements giving the track a somewhat jazziness to it and the electronic synths really add a dynamism to the song.

The vocals are quirky and, accompanied by layered backup vocals, the song has a great depth to it.

This is a great track that is full of bounce and will certainly be a fans favourite at a live gig. The track is funky and groovy and will be a hit among many alternative rock/pop fans.

Awesome job!

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