Harry Kappen – The Freedom Inside

I have previously reviewed a track by Harry Kappen and was interested to hear what else he had come up with. But before, I tell you about this track The Freedom Inside which is his latest single, released on 02/03/2023, let me tell you about the man himself.

Harry Kappen is a Dutch musician and music therapist. He is a multi-instrumentalist and composes his songs in his home studio in the Netherlands. Known for making bold statements with his music, The Freedom Inside is a song about the way the human race is destroying the earth and how the only way this can change is when we realise from within the devastation that is being caused.

While the lyrics themselves are quite deep and thought-provoking, the message is delivered in quite an up-beat way. Combining elements of multiple genres, the track is catchy and will make people stop and think about the issues it is dealing with.

With a funky, groovy beat, the song has a bounciness to it that will stay in people’s heads after one or two listen throughs. It has melodies and harmonies that will be your ear worms for the day and the track is very easy to listen to, meaning the message of the song will not get lost in musical that is too technical.

This song has an almost country rock vibe to it, with the twang of country guitars and the swagger of the vocals, but the classic rock fundamentals are also clear to hear.

Once again, this track has a great video to accompany it and one that will help get the message of the song to listeners easier. Please check out Harry and his music. If we can’t get these issues across to the general public in the usual way, then music is the next best way to go! Another great track Harry, job well done!

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