Filip Dahl – Can You See The World

Filip Dahl is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Trondheim in Norway and Can You See The World is his latest single, released on 03/03/2023.

I had previously reviewed Filip’s track Walking Into Eternity and was eager to hear more from the very talented musician. I was not disappointed.

Kicking off with some phenomenal blues guitar work, this is a beautiful track, that once again captivates the listener. With a classic rock base, this track nods to various genres, including AOR and progressive rock, and this is something that it does exceptionally well.

The musical arrangement behind Filip’s virtuoso guitar playing is spot on, giving the track an 80’s vibe and the electronic synths really add a contrast to the bluesy guitars.

The previous track was an instrumental, which expressed the emotion of the song through just the music, but this one uses vocals to do this too as Filip’s voice is strong and powerful and is a perfect match for the guitar and synth work.

This is a song that will have you totally mesmerised and is one that the listener could easily lose themselves in. It really is a beautifully constructed and executed piece of music and Filip should be very proud of the result. Its sombre yet has an inspiring feel to it and one that really does show off Filip’s natural talents.

I loved this track and if you are a fan of bluesy guitar based classic frock then I have a strong feeling that you are going to love it too.

Absolutely stunning track!

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