Black Stone Brewers – Conduit

I previously reviewed the single, Too Far Gone, by Black Stone Brewers and was eager to hear what else they had produced. But first let me tell you a bit about the band.

Black Stone Brewers are an alternative rock band, consisting of original members Blair, Jonathan and Rob who were later joined by Simon on bass and Luke on lead guitar, from Perth, Western Australia and they creatively combine a multitude of genres to create their sound.

Conduit is their latest EP and was released on 03/03/2023.

The sound the guys have created is based very much in hard rock / alternative rock and this can clearly be seen but the title track on the EP. An instrumental, this shows just how hard and heavy this band can get and I think it is the perfect way to kick of the EP.

There is a slight melancholic feel to the EP as a whole but this only adds to the atmospheric nature of the music, which is rich with heavy, searing riffs and great harmonies and melodies.

The guitars are gritty and heavy with riffs galore, and slight distortion gives the music a fuzzy, grungey feel, while the solos are once again phenomenal. The drumming is both energetic at times and more laid back at others when it needs to be and the funky basslines and electronic synths are, again, a very prominent feature.

The vocals are outstanding on this EP, a classic hard rock voice with a slight edge to it that gives it a bit of grittiness. However, this EP shows the singers diversity and at times there is a more progressive feel to his vocals.

I said in my last review that I was looking forward to anything else these guys produced because if it was a good as the single then it would be astounding, and the guys didn’t prove me wrong. This EP is absolutely stunning, and I would go as far to say that it is a masterpiece!

I absolutely loved it and have listened through it at least four times now. I am sure that this will stay on my playlist for a long time yet. Please go and check it out and see if you think the same.

Absolutely incredible! Looking forward to the album now

Track Listing:

1) Conduit

2) The Puppet And The Monster

3) Too Far Gone

4) Clear Trip

5) Cut The Cord

6) Every Last Day

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