Wynton Existing – Sexual Death

Wynton Existing are a psychedelic garage rock band from Clarksville, Tennessee and Sexual Death is their latest album, released on 18/02/2023.

A unique take on alternative rock, the band also takes a dive into surf rock, stoner rock and there is even a slight pop feel to the album too. All of this mixed together really gives the band a sound that can be rivalled by no other.

The album is very guitar driven and the riffs are heavy and thrashy with the attitude of 90’s alternative rock, wild and passionate. There is a very no-holds-barred attitude about the guitar playing and I love this in music. The solos are downright dirty, with a fuzziness to them that could only come from 90’s grunge yet there are also indie undertones jumping in too.

The drumming almost has a punk edge to it, energetic and frantic, and totally in your face and you can literally feel the vitality and drive of the drummer. The basslines give the album a certain funkiness to it and this also contributes to the psychedelic feel.

The vocals are, lets be honest, amazing. Based in the alternative / indie genre, there is also an edge to them that really makes them stand out, the vocalist voice emitting attitude and passion. Incorporating clean singing, with growls and punk-like shouting, he is accompanied by layered backup vocals that really do give the tracks depth and dynamism.

No one likes to be pigeon-holed by their music and the fact these guys have a whole album of music that just goes against all the rules and not only blurs the lines between genres, but completely obliterates them, is just outstanding.

The album has a very raw sound and I think this is what makes it as good as it is. Experimentation, both musically and with the production, features heavily on this album and this is always a good thing in my book. I absolutely love the sound these guys have come up and the listener never knows what is coming next with the album, as each song is different to the previous one.

This is a very layered album that needs more than one listen through. There is so much going on that the listener is always engaged with the music but will never hear all this album has to offer on just the first time of listening. The album is full on from the very start to the very end and one that does not lack energy and enthusiasm. I can imagine the guys had a great time making this album and there is also a fun element to it but the listener can also hear the love and dedication that has gone into producing it.

Fantastic job. I think I will have this on repeat for a few days to come yet!


1 Wings Of The Fly

2 Being

3 Sonic Innocence

4 Juicy Prevalence

5 Scoundrel In Disguise

6 Tomtom Song

7 End Of Time

8 At Least Pretend You’re Happy To See Me

9 Exodus

10 Sexual Death

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