Gary Dranow – Mellow Drama

Gary Dranow is quickly becoming a favourite of ours and we have reviewed quite a few of his previous releases. We were only too happy to review Mellow Drama, the latest single from him which was released on 24/02/2023.

Hailing from the US, Gary Dranow is part of the group Gary Dranow And The Manic Emotions and this is a bunch of guys who really making an impression in the rock and blues world.

With their mix of classic rock riffs and bluesy guitar solos, this is a band who have many years of experience between them, and this really does show in the music they produce.

So, what of Mellow Drama?

Once again, this is an upbeat track with its roots firmly in the classic rock genre, and will certainly get you dancing around the living room.

It starts off with some very bluesy guitar work, a staple of the Gary Dranow sound, and then the rest of the instruments and the vocals kick in, the track erupting into a frenzy of AOR / Classic rock loveliness.

As with most of Gary’s previous tracks there is an 80’s vibe to the song that is hard to miss and so with this in your headphones, you are taken on a nostalgic trip back to a time where rock was rock, albeit with a modern twist that keeps the track fresh and up to date. There is a quirkiness to the sound that I think is the real charm of the songs and this will definitely be your ear worm for the rest of the day once you have heard it.

I really like Gary’s work and I think fans of classic rock, AOR, 80’s rock and soft rock will do to. Please go and check him and his band out. This is a bunch of seriously talented guys with many years of experience in the music industry between them and I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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