Dear Amber – Echoes Always Fade

Dear Amber is an alternative rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark and consists of members Ronni, Morten, Kenneth, and Jan. I recently reviewed their track Roadkill and jumped at the4 chance to review their latest EP, Echoes Always which was released on 10/03/2023 (today!)

I really enjoyed the track Roadkill and said in my review that if that song was anything to go by then the album would be quite superb and I was right! This EP is fantastic.

Soaring alternative rock guitars and a swaggering drum and bass section are still very much a prominent feature throughout this EP, but the EP takes it everything up a notch or two.

The guitars are heavy and slight distortion gives the EP an almost grungey feel reminiscent of music from the 1990’s. More subtle guitar playing also features where it is more appropriate and this creates a great contrast between the two.

The drumming also has two very distinct styles from the laid back to the full on pounding drums when the tracks get into full flow.

Once again, the vocals have a quirkiness to them, and being quite nasally, they are very distinctive, making them stand out from other bands of the same genre. The vocals command each track effectively and are never overshadowed by the obvious talent behind them.

Each track is different in structure from the previous and this makes for some great listening, always keeping the listener engaged in the music, which pulls you in as it can be quite hypnotic. There is a great atmospheric feel to the EP, almost to the point of melancholic but each song is full of emotion and is delivered with passion and feeling.

Each track builds in vocal and instrumental strength, creating peaks and troughs in the music and taking you on a rollercoaster of a musical journey.

This is an EP that needs to be played through headphones straight into your ears and it needs to be played loud! The ambient nature of the tracks will transport you off somewhere away from the real world and I think this is something we all need sometimes.

The EP has five tracks running at just over 22 minutes in length and I must say it is a most beautiful 22 minutes of music.

Please check out Dear Amber and give them some support. I love the sound they have created for themselves and I think a lot of other people will too.

Track Listing:

1) Roadkill

2) Appear To Disappear

3) Time And Effort

4) Biased

5) Down

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