Clay Joule – O’Dream

I have previously reviewed Nothing Like Loving You by Clay Joule and I was eager to find out what else he had to offer. But before I get into the track, let me tell you a little bit about the man himself.

Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, Clay Joule is a singer-songwriter who makes uplifting soft rock music. He writes songs about themes that are important in everyday life, some about the important issue of pet adoption, like the previous track, but some are more political like this one, O’Dream which is his latest single and was released 24/02/2022.

The song was written at his farmhouse studio on the final weekend of February2022, just as the conflict in Ukraine was breaking out and the song is “a poem-like song that delivered a secret message regarding Ukraine’s fate, both during the conflict and thereafter.” It’s a song about the Ukrainian people’s power as well as the dream that all Ukrainian citizens shared and hope of entering the European Union.

The song has an easy-listening vibe to it and despite the theme, the song does not feel too melancholic, the positivity in the lyrics lifting it up a notch or two.

Musically, the track is spot on. The laid-back drumming is accompanied by classic electric guitars, the solos clean and immaculately executed, and the riffs are heavy when they need to be yet more subtle at other times. The song has a classic rock base from which to build from and this encompasses a multitude of genres from alternative to rock pop.

Clay’s vocals are, once again, soft and melodic but perform the track’s lyrics with passion and power and the emotion that emits from the song is just phenomenal. There is no greater tool than music to convey a message and this, I think, Clay does perfectly.

Please check out the song on Spotify but also the video on YouTube. To see the solidarity and bravery of the Ukrainian people really is quite emotional!

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