Vampire Liver Therapy – Horns To The Sky

Vampire Liver Therapy is an industrial experimental music project, led by Santiago, Chile-based musician, Jose Miguel Cumsille, who is the brains behind the project. He has been making music since the mid-90’s and Horns To The Sky is his latest album, released on 07/02/2023.

This album is the second part of his project that started in 2022 with the release of the album Horns To The Ground, and this album explore the struggle between the past, the present and the future.

This album is beautifully crafted piece of art that combines a multitude of genres, from the post-punk attitude of many bands from the early 80’s, to dark wave electronica to synth pop.

The album has a very atmospheric feel to it and this is cleverly created with the use of guitars, synths and bass, all combining to pull you into the music, which is very hypnotic and ambient.

Some of Jose’s influences have been cited as Aghast, Ordo Equilibrio, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, and these can clearly be heard throughout this album.

This album uses heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums to create a very industrialized base from which to work from, before it spouts in all different directions, grabbing elements of various other genres to come up with a sound that is totally unique to Vampire Liver Therapy, and certainly one I have never heard before.

This is a dark album, with 16 tracks lasting a total of just over 53 minutes and one that will take you off to a parallel world of cyberpunk / synth wave loveliness. The ambient nature of the album is a perfect match for the dystopian themes it explores and the music really does immerse the listener.

The vocals on this album are absolutely amazing. Somewhat quirky, they are very reminiscent of the sounds of the early 80’s dark wave and goth genres but there is a twist to them that keeps them fresh and up to date. Layered back up vocals really add depth to the songs and this keeps the listener engaged in the music at all times.

This will appeal to a wide range of people, from the goths of the early 80’s, to the synth pop lovers of today. It really does have something for everyone and I could not stop listening to it. Pop this onto your headphones and be prepared to be taken on a nostalgic musical journey as this feast for your ears really kicks in to gear.

This really is an album that needs to be listened to more than once, as it truly does have so much to offer and this, I think, will be the charm of the album for many listeners.

An awesome album that is keeping the music of the past alive by giving it a modern twist in the present, all while creating an almost futuristic sound. Absolutely superb!

Track Listing:

1) Rewind In Colors

2) Screaming After Dark

3) Completely Invisible

4) Real Fear Of The Mankind

5) I’m Here To Hide Myself And Die

6) Paranoid By Default

7) Change My Time, Drop Me Down

8) Cut Your Sense In Two Times

9) Treat Me Like A Roller Bones

10) Face Down And Hell To Sky

11) I Quit Living Dead

12) More Darkness Inside Of Me

13) I Can Eat Your Hate If You Want

14) Abnormally Noise Event

15) Horns To The Sky

16) Get Your Rage, Wrap Your Faith

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