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Pressure is a story metal band from Sweden with strong connections to modern music, storytelling and showmanship. Founded back in 2018, this is a band that is always expanding and exploring new things. Pressure consists of three members, Simon Forsell on guitars, drums and keyboard, Olli Violet on vocals and Olof Jönsson also on vocals, and with the help of session bassist Ignacio Arrua, the band produce songs that are diverse as they believe that different styles of music tell stories differently.

All The Things is the band’s latest single, released on 24/02/2023 and what an absolutely awesome track it is.

Jumping straight into the song from the get-go, this track is a delicious mix of rock, metal and glam.

The guitars are heavy, with riffs galore coming at you through the speakers, the drumming is energetic with lots of crashing cymbals in there and the basslines give the track a slightly funky vibe. Musically this track is up there with the best of them, melodic yet raw and totally in your face.

The vocals on this song are phenomenal, the mix of male and female complimenting each other perfectly. The female leads are more dominant throughout the track but the subtle undertones of the male leads are a great addition to the song. The female vocals are strong and powerful, reminding very much of Lzzy hale from Halestorm, and the male vocals are deep, just sitting underneath the female, almost to the point that you can’t hear him yet you know he is there!

The pace change towards the end of the song is great and gives the listeners just a few seconds before launching them head first back into a rock/metal frenzy.

This is a stomper of a song and really should be heard by as many people as possible. I will certainly be keeping everything open for more music from this great band.

Absolutely awesome job!!

Photo Credit: Olli Violet

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