Ollie Twohill – Washed Away

I have previously reviewed the track Hollow and I was eager to hear more from him. But before I get into the track itself, let me remind you just who Ollie Twohill is.

Ollie Twohill is a singer / songwriter based on the East Coast of Australia and plays guitar-based melodic rock / pop.

He has been playing live venues for the past six years after busking on the streets of NSW Northern Rivers and the southern Gold Coast and Washed Away is his lates track, released on 24/02/2023. Ollie writes songs that about issues that are relevant and up to date and this track is about the 2022 catastrophic floods that happened in Pakistan.

Kicking off with some acoustic guitar, the track soon erupts with all of the instruments and Ollie’s quirky vocals coming to life.

Once again, the mix of acoustic and electric guitars is fantastic to hear, the guitar solos clean and superbly executed, and there is just a hint of distortion to give a slightly alternative feel to the track. Acoustic strumming accompanies the chorus, leaving Ollie’s voice to express the emotion of the song and there are electric bursts all the way through.

The drumming is laid back but really kicks up a gear when it needs to.

The vocals are strong and powerful, which they need to be with such an emotive theme to sing about and, once again, the quirkiness in his voice really makes him stand out. He really commands the song with his vocals and the emotion is clear to hear.

Another great track from this talented musician, and definitely one that will stick in your head. This is an artist I will unquestionably be keeping an ear out for in the future!

Photo Credit: Jay Penfold Photography

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