From The Other Side – The Lonely Man

From The Other Side is a female fronted, five piece pop/punk band from Melbourne, Australia, and their mission is to “bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear, with a modern day twist,” as their music is a high energy nod back to the 00’s pop/punk bands.

The track starts of slow but do not let fool you as about thirty seconds into the track the drums build and everything kicks off into a frenzy of lovely pop/punkiness!

The guitars are riff-laden and upbeat, and heavy enough when they need to be to give the track its punky feeling. The drumming is energetic and frantic with lots of crashing cymbals and pounding bass drums and the basslines are funky and hold the track together perfectly.

The vocals are awesome, and remind me very much of the likes of Avril Lavrigne, Hayley Williams and Taylor Momsen. The energy that this lady emits is phenomenal and the power and strength her voice possesses is extraordinary. Backed by an obviously talented bunch of guys, the vocals are never overshadowed and all members play their part in the band superbly.

This is an upbeat track that really will have you dancing around the living room. Whether you are playing your air guitar or singing into your hairbrush this is a track that will definitely get you moving.

Fantastically awesome track and if I were to give it a score out of ten it would be a definite TEN!!

Photo Credit: Emma Webber

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  1. Nick Cave, Devastations, The Berzerker and Eaten by Dogs. That’s quite a diverse list of some unbelievable acts from Melbourne. You can now add Pop Punk to list, this is good stuff. Not usually my cup of tea but a nice change of pace

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