Imlazarus – Same Old Song

Imlazarus is a man who has featured in many different successful bands as a multi-instrumentalist and is now creating his own music! Although you may think that Lazarus had a late start to his musical journey, with not picking up his first musical instrument till the age of 17, he has now released his debut single, “Same Old Song” in later part of last year!

“Same Old Song” is an indie-folk track, that has clear elements of rock and country too! The song is undoubtedly incredibly catchy, with an upbeat sound, and brilliant vocals!

The beat is one that will get stuck in your head and get you bopping your head along to it. The music sounds amazing too!

I think the thing that makes this track so loveable has got to be Lazarus’ great vocals! His voice is very warming, and he sings so well it is crazy. However, at multiple points in the song Lazarus makes a ‘screaming’ noise which might seem unusual, however it really shows his personality and makes the song even more interesting!

The debut track is available on apps like Spotify now, so be sure to check it out!

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