Blueburst – Vanish

Blueburst is an extremely talented musician, whose real name is actually Craig Douglas Miller. Craig is a guitarist and vocalist, who has returned from a 20 year hibernation after an unsuccessful career with a band. However now Craig is making music under the name Blueburst, and he has just dropped a new single, “Vanish”.

“Vanish” is an incredible rock song that I fell in love with instantly! The track is exceptionally catchy, with an upbeat beat that will just make you want to rock along to it! The drums are amazing, keeping the song together and intriguing! The drummer is sure to include some amazing drum fills that are crazy! I must say the guitar playing in this is also fantastic! And like most rock songs, Blueburst includes an incredible guitar solo, that is just so mesmerising!

I think you cannot argue that the vocals in “Vanish” are brilliant! The male vocalist has a very strong voice, that goes exceptionally well with the track!

This is one of those tracks that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, so whether you are a fan of rock or not, be sure to give the new song “Vanish” a little listen to!

Photo credit: watercolor by Holly Miller

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