Loucas Bretz – Hotel Melody

Loucas Bretz is an artist-producer from Luxembourg whose instrumental music features a mixture of expressive guitar melodies, groovy bass lines, discrete synthetic sounds, and energetic drumbeats. He also self-produces in a “minimalist and modernist” manner.

Hotel Melody is his latest single and was released on 10/02/2023.

The track has a very classic rock feel to it, electric guitars being a main driving force of the song and it kicks off with some moody guitar work. There is also a hint of blues in the guitar playing and this makes for a very interesting combination. The guitar solos throughout the track are epic and showcase just how talented this musician really is, and are at times quite raw and extremely powerful.

The drum work is laid back when it needs to be but also becomes more energetic as the song picks up pace and speed, keeping the track in time perfectly. Strong, funky basslines show through all the way throughout the track, and these add a fantastic groovy undertone to the song.

Although instrumentals are not always my thing, this one has so many layers that it is hard for the listener to get bored with it as there is always something going on and something fresh to hear. A few listens through are needed with this track, as just one play through doesn’t reveal all the song has to offer.

A great instrumental track that is full of quality musicianship.

I look forward to hearing more of what Loucas Bretz has to offer in the future.

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