Angerland – 2020 Visions

Angerland are a post-punk rage n roll band from London, consisting of members Jon Stone on vocals, Ian Fisher on guitar, Andy ‘Kermit’ Keir on bass and Cristian Prigoană on drums and they have been playing together since 2018. The members are no strangers to the live music scene, having toured with the likes of Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols, The Germs, and Slim Jim Phantom between them. The band was born from the ashes of former outfit ‘Fuckshovel’, and they deliver a heavy punch of rage-n-roll, reminiscent of the likes of Killing Joke, Ruts DC and New Model Army.

20202 Visions is their latest singles and was released on 04/11/2022.

The track is a beautiful combination of post-punk, hard rock, old school punk and good old fashioned rock n roll!

The guitars are heavy, full of pounding riffs, and are raw and powerful, just as guitars of the above-mentioned genres should be and slight feedback and distortion gives the track a no-holds-barred, punky vibe that is really great to hear.

The drumming is energetic and full of power, the basslines are funky and strong, and this side of the music really does hold the track together.

The vocals are epic on this song. Strong and powerful with that punky edge to them, while also remaining within the classic rock and alternative rock genres. Mixing almost the spoken word at times with full on shouting at others, there is a great mix and contrast to the vocals and the lead is accompanied by typical punk backups.

Listen to this track just once and it will be your ear worm for the rest of the day. Its catchy and anthemic and totally in your face!

I absolutely loved this song and I think fans of old-school punk as well as new wave punk and alternative and probably everything in between will love it too.

Please check out the video on YouTube and head on over to Spotify too. I am certain you will not be disappointed!

Awesome track for a Tuesday morning!

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