Miss Velvet – Lovin’ In The Afternoon

Well, is there a better way to kick off a Monday morning’s reviewing than with Miss Velvet’s Lovin’ In The Afternoon? The answer to that is a resounding no! The track really rocks and certainly did more than my morning tea in waking me up!

Native to New York, Miss Velvet relocated to Los Angeles where she connected with acclaimed rock producer Esjay Jones and the two of them explored themes such as conditional and unconditional love, sex and loss, while focusing on their shared love of classic rock.

And there is no mistaking that this is a classic rock track!

The guitars are riff-laden and heavy and the drumming is pounding and energetic. The basslines are strong and funky and keep everything in time perfectly. Musically this could be a track from any acclaimed classic rock band from anywhere over the past thirty years, it is that good! The riffs will have you banging your head and it is a track that you certainly will be dancing around the living room to.

But it’s Miss Velvet’s vocals on the track that are simply awesome. Raw and earthy with a grittiness about them, Miss Velvet certainly knows how to rock. Her voice is powerful and strong and she commands the track right from the start, never once allowing the backing music to overshadow her!

I absolutely loved this track and had it on repeat for longer than I probably needed to. It’s rocky, it’s in your face and it’s catchy as hell, and it’s all done by a very talented lady! What more could you ask for?

Please go and check out Miss Velvet and her track, Lovin’ In The Afternoon, which was released on 14/02/2023 You will NOT be disappointed!

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