Jetty Grove – Static Motion

Jetty Grove is a singer, songwriter, and musician, based in Baltimore, Maryland, and was intrigued by music from a very early age. No stranger to the music scene in Baltimore, he has been releasing music on Spotify since 2021 and Static Motion is his latest album, released on 15/10/2022.

With twelve songs in total and a run time of about 46 minutes, Statis Motion is one of two albums that has been released by Jetty Grove and it is driven by a blend of folk and country music.

Not my first choice of music to go to, folk and country have always intrigued me and this album is a great combination of the two, with some soft rock and acoustic rock elements thrown in to the mix too.

The result is a unique sound with a simplicity that actually really does draw the listener in. The acoustic guitars, complete with country-sounding plucking, are a great add to the album, that keeps the sound straightforward without the complicatedness of too many electrics, although these do feature on the album too. The drumming is laid back and the basslines are subtle and a slight fuzziness and distortion appears at various points during the album, giving it a hint of grungeyness.

The element of this album that really stands out to me are the vocals. Soft and gentle yet deep and so full of emotion, Jetty really has put a lot of work and effort into making the vocals as powerful as he can without overdoing them. The subtleness of Jetty’s voice is all that is needed on this album as he still manages to keep control of each of the songs.

Describing his music as lo-fi indie rock, with a folk influence, his sound has a definite nostalgic nod back to the sounds of the 90’s and artists such as Beck and The Flaming Lips and with recurring lyrical themes of self-doubt, isolation, and mental health issues, his songs will really resonate with a lot of people.

This is a very laid back and easy to listen to album, designed to relax you while also making you think about the themes it is portraying.

So crack open a beer, lay on the sofa, close your eyes and let Jetty Grove and his music take you over because you will be powerless to stop it.

An absolute gem of an album that folk, country and alternative rock music fans will love. Head on over to Spotify and see for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) Chamomile Skies

2) Clockwork

3) The Space Between US

4) Rick’s Car Shop

5) Stranger

6) Birdhouse

7) Chain Reaction

8) Lotus Flower Tattoo

9) Sketch Pad

10) Memories

11) Sure Thing

12) from The Voice In My Head

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