Jade Moede – Enjoy The Ride

Jade Moede is a brilliant artist from New England who is a master of old school sounding music! Jade has recently dropped a new single, “Enjoy The Ride”, and it is definitely a great one!

“Enjoy The Ride” is an acoustic rock track, that is super catchy and super interesting! The beat will get you rocking along to it, and you will undoubtedly find yourself bopping your head to it too! The music is slightly different from my usual taste, however this is one that you cannot help but enjoy!

Jade’s vocals in this one are also fantastic! Not only do we have the main vocals, but we also have backing vocals to accompany him! The interesting part about the backing vocals, is that they have a slight distorted sound to them!

Ultimately, “Enjoy The Ride” is an upbeat, fun-filled track that you cannot miss!

Go and give Jade and his hit a little listen to! There is even a great music video to accompany the song that has been released on YouTube!

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