Garland Kelley – The Point Of No Return

I have previously reviewed music by Garland Kelley and was eager to listen to more. But before we get into the review of The Point Of No Return, his latest single, released on 24/02/2023 (today!) let me refresh you as to who Garland Kelley is.

Garland Kelley is an artist and music producer who “combines a love of classic rock with a distinctly modern point of view to create his signature sound.” His music explores themes such as mortality, individualism, mental health, and philosophy and is a veteran of Nashville’s live music scene.

The Point Of No Return is an upbeat track but with a very important message, Climate Change and the fact that if we do not do something about it soon, we will be at the point of no return and the Earth will be damaged forever.

The track has a very distinctive alternative rock feel to it, with some epic guitar solos, and the sound on the whole is very reminiscent of 90’s rock.

Garland’s voice, once again, is very strong yet gentle as he delivers the songs message across to the listeners. He takes full command of the song with the vocals and although there are some awesome guitar riffs and funky basslines in the background, it is his voice that steals the limelight on this track. Despite this, I would love to hear his voice on a heavier rock track as I feel he could really do this type of track justice too!

Another great track from an incredibly talented musician. And lets him help spread the message of the song. After all, there is no greater medium for this than music!

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