Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

Alec Berlin has been creating and performing music, ripping up the stages in New York for a good few years now! His music is not one that you want to breeze past, and he will just get you hooked instantly!

Today we are looking at a fresh track of Alec’s, “Beat Confabulator” which is the title track for his newest album!

The song kicks off hard, with some fantastic drumming and guitar playing. The beat is super catchy and will undeniably get you banging your head along to it!

The drumming in this track really keeps the song together, with the inclusion of some amazing drum fills! And even more so, the guitarist certainly shows his talents in this one!

With the track being five minutes long, we really get to experience its brilliantness! And I must say Alec has certainly chosen the perfect way to kick off his newest album! 

Although there is not any actual vocals in this track, he still finds a way to keep you completely engrossed, never tiring of his sound!

Go and give Alec’s new track a listen to and you will undoubtedly love it!

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