Yannis Karalis – When I Breathe

Yannis Karalis is a composer/lyricist, from Athens, who creates his own amazing and unique music. Yannis ensures his songs are never boring and will definitely get you engrossed within them. He has previously composed instrumentals for different theatrical productions, wrote albums for other artists and is still creating his own music!

Yannis has brought out some new tracks recently, and the one we are looking at today is called “When I Breathe.” “When I Breathe” is a fantastic song, that includes two other artists, Demi Roussa and Donna, and was released just this year!

This track is undoubtedly beautiful with the inclusion of some lovely vocals and musical elements. “When I Breathe” is a piano-led, soft love song, which is just amazing to hear! The music starts off quite soft, however it does build up as the song continues, creating a more intense feeling of perhaps overwhelming love. The track even includes, I must say, a remarkable guitar solo which really gives the song some power.

The female vocals have done exceptionally well in this one, with an angelic tone to her voice! She presents her voice quite softly, however I must say it is perfect for this kind of love song!

Honestly, since hearing this song, I have not been able to get it out of my head. So hats off to Yannis and his team for creating “When I Breathe”

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