Black Stone Brewers – Too Far Gone

Black Stone Brewers are an alternative rock band, consisting of original members Blair, Jonathan and Rob who were later joined by Simon on bass and Luke on lead guitar, from Perth, Western Australia and Too Far Gone is their latest single, released on 07/02/2023.

Not sticking to one genre in particular, this band creatively combine a multitude of genres to create their sound.

The track is alternative rock in style, with heavy, searing riffs and great harmonies and melodies, but behind this is a hard rock base that everything is built on.

Atmospheric leads and a groove-laden rhythm section” are also very prominent features of this track and indeed the band’s music in general. The guitars are gritty and heavy when they need to be, with the guitar solos utterly phenomenal. The drumming is subtle at times yet more energetic and frantic at others and funky basslines shine through the fuzziness of the electric work.

The singer has a classic hard rock voice, with a slight gritty edge to it that really makes the song work. he is accompanied by strong backing vocals that really gives the strong depth and meaning.

Thrown in amongst all of this, are the electronic keyboards that really makes the song burst into life.

This is a great track from a band that should be heard by as many people as possible. I am looking forward to whatever else these guys produce as I am sure it will be just as astounding as this track.

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