Ain’t – Lo-Fi Demo EP

Ain’t is a one-man project from Italy, the brainchild of Stefano D’Angelo and the Lo-Fi Demo EP was released on 01/07/2022.

With seven tracks that last a total of 20 minutes, this is a raw sounding EP that combines together a whole host of genres, no mean feat for one person yet Ain’t pulls it off perfectly.

Kicking off with Christaway, a doomy sounding instrumental, the next track Dirty World is punky in comparison with shouty vocals and full on guitars and drumming.

This EP takes us on a musical journey that really is a treat for the ears. One minute we are in the midst of stoner rock and the next we are flung head-first into the world of grunge before being dragged back to some punkier tracks. The listener really has no idea which way the EP is going to go next and this is always a good thing in my book.

Guitars features heavily on this EP and distortion is used to great effect, creating the grungey, sludgey feel that radiates all the way through and this is something that I absolutely love about this EP. The word industrial can be used for so many genres of music but this really does have an industrial rock feel to it and the rawness of it all really does draw the listener in.

The vocals are awesome on this EP and can range from grunge vocals reminiscent of the likes of Soundgarden, to punk and seemingly everything in between and even the swagger of alternative/indie rock raises its head every now and then.

Influences can be heard all the way through this EP, from Nirvana, to Marilyn Manson, to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and these are all great bands to be influenced by. But still, Ain’t puts his own unique twist on everything and this makes for some interesting music, as he experiments with different sounds and background noises, and mixing this with his vocals really does create something special!

This is a great EP that will appeal to fans of many genres but especially if the likes of the bands mentioned above are your thing, then you will love this!

I now wait expectantly for more music from this incredibly talented musician!

Track Listing:

1) Christaway

2) Dirty World

3) Stand The Dominoes On End

4) Flashes, Clones & Street Motherfuckers

5) Narcissistic Christ

6) Mantra For Inner Light

7) Flashes, Clones & Whores

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