JShell – In My Head

Based in New York City, JShell is a veteran multi-instrumentalist and singer / songwriter and In my Head is his debut album, released on 14/02/2023. The album features guest appearances from awesome musicians Steve Hackett (Genesis), Katie Jacoby (The Who/Bruce Springsteen), Jake Cinninger (Umphrey’s McGee) and Scott Metzger (JRAD/Wolf!) with each guest bringing their own sense of uniqueness to the album.

Videos for all fifteen tracks on the album have been released in a total of 30 days, the first having been released on 17/01/2023 and the final one being released today! (15/02/2023) A mean feat to carry out if ever there was one!

The album in an energetic and chaotic whirlwind of sounds and instrumental explosions. There is always plenty for the listener to hear and it would take more than one listen through to hear everything this album has to offer, although even the first run through shows just how talented this guy really is with him playing everything from drums, bass guitar, organ, piano, keyboards, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, acoustic guitar and percussion to lead and background vocals. A whole host of equally talented musicians join him and with the inclusions of his distinguished guest musicians, this album really is a timeless piece of workmanship.

Combining a plethora of genres, it is virtually impossible to classify this album under just one heading (and who wants that anyway?!) The classic rock riffs are here in abundance but the experimentation into other genres is really what makes this stand out. There are influences from everything from stoner rock to prog rock and even AOR shows its head every now and then. The inclusion of the keyboards and other electronic sounds also gives the album a slightly psychedelic vibe too.

The male vocals are somewhat quirky and mixed with occasional female lead and backing vocals there really is a contrast that makes for some great listening.

The album as a whole is loud and its boisterous but there is also some great melodies and harmonies throughout. The album has a very nostalgic feel, taking us back to some of the sounds of the 60’sand 70’s, while also throwing in some of the 80’s and a modern twist too.

This is a great album that will attract the classic rock fans as well as having a little something for everyone else!

Please do not miss out on hearing this album so head on over to Spotify now to give it a listen. You will not be disappointed as this is an album created by an artist who has literally poured himself into each and every one of the fifteen tracks, giving us the awesome sonic treat that this album, really is!

Track Listing:

1) Crawl

2) You See Me

3) Big Apple Boogie

4) Chain Of Events

5) Haunted

6) Under The Gun

7) You Do You

8) Don’t Ask Why

9) Delusions

10) Thursday

11) That’s The Key

12) In My Head

13) Meant To Be

14) My Last Request

15) Big Apple Boogie (Reprise)

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