Brand Slogan – Brand Slogan EP

Brand Slogan is a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Damon Kardon (The Moats / Gypsy Trail / E & Special Tea) and is heavily influenced by the music he heard growing up (Alt-Metal, Emo, Shoegaze, Progressive Rock) and by the bands who pioneered the sound (Deftones, Sunny Day Real Estate, Failure, Hum, Dinosaur Jr.). He is from Pennsylvania and started writing and recording as Brand Slogan in 2018.

Brand Slogan is his latest EP and was released on 20/01/2023.

Not wanting to stick to just one genre, Brand Slogan covers a multitude of styles and this has created a sound unique to him.

Using alternative rock as a base, Brand Slogan extends into the shoe-gaze (a style of rock music characterized by a sound in which the distinctions between separate instruments and vocals are blurred), indie and grunge genres too.

The use of distortion on the guitars creates a fuzzy vibe to the EP and this is backed up by the blurring of the vocals as they mingle in with the music, the two working in perfect harmony with each other.

There is a general “floatiness” to the EP at times too with soft vocals and gentle drumming. However don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security as each track erupts at some point into a crescendo of instruments and the vocals become strong and powerful with a edgy, gritty feel to them.

This is a great EP and one that should be heard by more people. Although this is not my go to genre, I really did enjoy this as it shows just how talented this guy is. To be able to create a sound like does is simply phenomenal.

I hope there is more to come from Brand Slogan. Check them out on Spotify!

Track Listing:

1) Lip Service

2) Hypnic Jerk

3) Eye In The Sky

4) The End Of Socialization

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