Roxercat – Crime

Roxercat are a three-piece prog rock band from Nashville, Tennessee led by singer Price Jones who is joined by guitarist Stan Lassiter and bassist Bill Francis, and Crime is their latest single, released on 13/01/2023.

Having previously reviewed releases by Roxercat, this song does not disappoint either.

It is a fantastic mixture of classic rock with rock/pop and AOR and even has the slight swagger of country rock thrown in.

Despite only been together since 2017, this group of talented musicians have such a grown up, professional sound, that the listener would think they have been playing together for decades.

Opening with some funky basslines which are overlapped with some real bluesy guitar work, the track starts in a way that leaves he listener with no doubt as to what this song is about, and once again, the guitar work is prevalent the whole way through the song.

Despite the obviousness of the guitar work, this by no means takes away from the rest of the band and the musicianship on the whole is spot on. Accompanied by the powerful voice of Price, this a great ensemble that really works well together. Layered backing vocals once again appear alongside Price’s lead and the harmonization between the two is superb.

This track is funky, with a funk-jazz vibe that shows its head every now and then, it’s rocky and it’s groovy (there is also a great video to go with it! Go and check it out on YouTube).

Another job well done by the Roxercat guys and gal!

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