Bargain Bin Heroes – Waiting For So Long

If you want a band that mixes punk with ska and reggae, then Bargain Bin Heroes are your band! From South Florida they are known for getting the crowd dancing…and I can see why! Featuring Eric on lead vocals and bass, Rob on guitar and vocals, Jimmy James on drums, Aaron on vocals, trombone and xylophone and Amanda on saxophone, this band really are a force to be reckoned with.

The six track Waiting For So Long is their latest EP and was released on 03/02/2023.

These guys certainly know how to bring about a nostalgic feel, with the sounds of 90’s punk and ska and the energy of old school punk and rock all combining together to create a heavy sound that has a ton load of attitude and power, while at the same time making you dance around the living room like a loon!

The instrumentation is spot on with the guitars having a classic rock sound, the drumming containing the high, frantic energy that is always associated with punk (in every guise!) and the basslines being strong and funky. The inclusion of the brass trombone and saxophone gives the song the ska sound and it is all mixed together to create a sound that is unique to this band.

The vocals are typically punk ska, the male lead is accompanied by shouty back ups from both the male and female members of the band, and the vocals perfectly reflect the music behind them.

The listener can hear lots of influences in this EP, from The Clash, to Rancid, The Specials, and Madness and I don’t think this band are scared to wear their influences on their sleeves, mixing them all together with their own unique spin on them that keeps the music fresh and up to date too.

Although not my go to genre, I did really like this EP and despite dealing with subjects such as vulnerability, self-esteem, self-doubt and relationships, this is done in an up tempo, upbeat way. This EP will appeal to fans of punk, ska, and rock fans alike and I urge you all to head over to Spotify and YouTube and all other music platforms to check these guys out. You really will not be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1) Getaway

2) All My friends

3) Dreams

4) Full Circle

5) Shark

6) Lost

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