9 O’Clock Nasty – Low Fat Jesus

9 O’Clock Nasty are a Leicester-based alternative band and Low Fat Jesus is their latest single, released on 11/02/2023.

Having previously reviewed the last single Too Cool for the band, I was eager to see what else they had come up and I wasn’t disappointed.

Opening up with a funky bassline, its not long before the song erupts into lots of punky goodness. Although raw and edgy, there is also a melodic element to this track (which wasn’t in the previous one) in the form of some lyrics that really will get stuck in your head.

The guitars are heavy and, once again, draw on the classic rock influence but also have some alternative riffs thrown in for good measure. The drumming has all the energy that punk rock needs and once again the groove and funk that comes from the basslines is just phenomenal.

Combining elements of punk and alternative in the vocals, the singer’s voice has a unique twang to it that sets him apart from other punk singers. The shouty backup vocals are back on this track and these are mixed with the melodic element mentioned before, creating something that really stands out!

Keep ‘em coming, 9 O’Clock Nasty! We need all the punks out there, old and new alike, to hear you!

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