Darrian Gerard – Basement EP

Its always nice to see the girls doing so well in music of any genre, let alone rock music, but Darrian Gerard is doing just that!

She is singer/songwriter from British Columbia Canada and a picture of her on Facebook at a young age in front of an Avril Lavigne poster, shows this lady has always wanted to be a rockstar!

Basement is her debut EP, released today (10/02/2023) and is about the ups and downs of life and the constant reminder that you are allowed to do what you want – you just have to go for it! I think that’s exactly what she did with this EP.

Combining elements of a multitude of genres, the result is a nostalgic look back at 90’s alternative rock / pop but with a modern twist to it. The guitar riffs are heavy when they need to be and the drumming is energetic but it’s the vocals that really make this EP stand out.

Very reminiscent of the likes of Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clark and Hayley Williams from Paramore, Darrian’s voice strong and really takes command of all the tracks, whether its an upbeat rocky song or a slower paced ballad. It is very clear who Darrian’s influences are but she is not afraid to wear them on her sleeve either.

It’s hard to believe that Darrian only began her professional career in 2021 as this EP is just phenomenal and I really do believe this young lady can really carve out a great career for herself.

Please go and check out Basement on Spotify now! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. It’s rocky, it’s poppy, it’s skater rock/pop at its best and it’s totally in your face!

You go girl!

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