Bonze – Out Of My Hands

Hailing from London, there is not much information available about Bonze, but Out Of My hands is his latest single, released on 10/02/2023 (today!!)

He says of the song: “Although the imagery of my Instagram posts + the instrumental of ‘Out Of My Hands’ feels like that of optimism & hope, that is not where I am at in my current experience of the world. But seemingly, music has a strange magic that can help you through things that feel like obliteration at the time.” Well said!

Out Of My Hands is a truly unique track that really draws you in with its ambience and atmospheric vibe.

The music is hypnotising, a mixture of electric guitars and drums with electronic keys to create an edgy alternative rock / pop song. Not quite a ballad, there is an almost melancholic, yet optimistic feel to the song and this only adds to its appeal.

The vocals are dark and brooding but strong and are the main feature of the song, in my opinion. Slight distortion gives the vocals an almost grungey feel but, again, this adds to the ambience of the track. Soothing backup vocals accompany the lead adding a floaty feeling to the lyrics and the electric vibe the track gives off really gives this song a big sound!

I really liked this track and I will be looking forward to anything else Bonze releases in the future.

A great track, well done!

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