Mike And Mandy – Time Worn

Mike and Mandy are producer/ Michael Faulkner and singer/songwriter Amanda Pajer who, having both lost their jobs at the start of the pandemic and unable to find others, realised their deep-buried dream of releasing original music from their home.

Time Worn is their latest single and was released on 10/01/2023.

Not necessarily my first choice of genre to listen to, I actually really enjoyed this track.

The track is a combination of alternative rock with electronic pop and even a hint of dark wave in there and is a beautifully put together song.

The beat is kept all the way through with a mixture of electronic sounds and drum beats and musically this song is fantastic. Synths drive the song forward, but these are mixed with rock guitars and drums and the result is simply outstanding.

Mandy’s vocals are beautiful, reminiscent of the sound of the 80’s, strong yet gentle at the same time. Her voice really does command the track and is never overshadowed by the music that is accompanying her.

The track changes pace several times throughout but this is one of the charms of the song. The track really does hook you and draw you in and the melodies with stay with you for a long time after the song has finished!

A great track and one that I recommend you listen to!

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