Sleep Kicks – Words In Vain

Sleep Kicks are a four-piece indie rock band who are based in Oslo, Norway and Words in Vain is their latest single, released on 03/02/2023.

Kicking off with some classis alternative guitar riffs, the song bursts into life for the intro before settling down once more for when the singing comes in.

The guitar work is typically alternative and is reminiscent of a lot of the indie bands form the 90’s. although there is a modern twist on this track that keeps it fresh and up to date. The drumming is solid and robust, and the basslines are thumping and sound.

The vocals on this are awesome, the singer’s voice being strong and powerful. There is a hint of the post-punk era here and I don’t think this guy would be out of place singing with some of the bands from the early 80’s. He is backed up by equally as strong female vocals and the two compliment each other perfectly while at the same time creating a bit of a contrast.

The introduction of electronic sounds through out the track creates an almost gothic/emo vibe to the track too and this can only be a good thing…in my humble opinion!

Overall this is a great track and I will keep an ear out for anything else they release!

Excellent job!

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