Mermaid Avenue – Loveday No 9

Mermaid Avenue are an indie rock/alt country band hailing from Brisbane/Meanjin, Australia and they were formed in 2015. They have since become regulars on the Brisbane scene and consist of singer/songwriter Peter Clarke, Chris Wong and Mike Kearey on guitars, Mark Egan on bass, Casey Lee on keyboards and Nathan Poetschka on drums.

Loveday No 9 is their latest single.

Starting the track with some bare drums, the song kicks off a few seconds later with all the instruments coming in at once, before the vocals then join in the mix.

The song has a very alternative sound to it and this is a mixture of alt-rock and alt-country and a  melody that runs through the track from start to finish will definitely get stuck in your head. (I’m still humming it as I write this review!)

The guitar work is a mix of electric and acoustic, with that unmistakable twang of country in the background and this really is a great combination. The drumming and bassline is strong and keeps the pace of the song really well and the piano really adds depth to the song.

The singer’s voice is somewhat quirky which, again, have a certain “country rock” feel to it and he is backed up by some awesome layered vocals on the choruses.

This is a great feel-good song that will certainly get you tapping your feet!

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