How We Burn – The Precipice

How We Burn is a American rock/alternative band from Boston, US and consists of Tommy Bennan on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Darrell Cellucci on lead guitar, Kevin Morrisey on bass and Matthew Berg on keyboards and piano. Tommy and Kevin have been writing and performing together since the early 2000’s, but after a hiatus from the music scene they decided to take the plunge back in again and the band formed in 2017.

How We Burn is “the fire in your belly, it’s your heart on your sleeve, it’s good vibes reciprocated with good vibes, it’s feelings of life put towards music, relatable life in rhythm…learning to enjoy the storm,” (as quoted from the band’s website) and I think this is a perfect way to sum up the band.

Another band who refuse to be pigeon-holed into just one genre, these guys jump from one style to the next, they do it with ease and they make a superb job of it too.

The guitars are heavy and riff-laden yet acoustic guitars make an awesome contrast and the solos are perfectly done. Classic rock is a major influence here, although there is a slight twang of country rock that sneaks in every now and then.

The drumming is superb, energetic and pounding, with lots of crashing cymbals and I can imagine the drummer had a whale of time of a time recording this. Musically, the band have just got everything right. Having four creative souls together in one band, they certainly found the right chemistry and the result is just awesome.

The vocals are strong and gritty and with layered backups to accompany the leads, the vocal arrangement of this album really is top notch. There is a slight quirkiness to the lead vocals but I think this only adds to the charm and charisma of the album, and the inclusion of the keyboards/piano really is an added bonus.

There is such a grown up sound to this album, which is rocky, upbeat and catchy and it really does pull the listener in.

I absolutely loved this and listened to it numerous times, as just one play through doesn’t show all this album has to offer.

What a great album!

Track Listing:

1 Decent

2 Clean Hands

3 Bloody

4 Drama Scene

5 Electric Lights

6 Swayed

7 That’s All You

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