Golem Dance Cult – Dalek Rhetoric

Who is Golem Dance Cult? Well, two friends called Charles and Laur started a band together many moons ago when they were teenagers, but after following their own musical journeys, reunited in 2021 for a new musical adventure together and called it Golem Dance Cult. Laur is the drummer and percussionist and shares the vocal duties with Charles who also plays bass, guitar, cigar box, harmonica and various traditional instruments while also carrying out the programming, sampling and production!

Dalek Rhetoric is their latest single and was released on 07/01/2023.

I loved this track, right from the opening basslines!

It has a heavy sound, with a thumping bass making its presence known the whole way through, guitar riffs that will shake you in your boots and energetic drumming.

But despite the heaviness of the track, there is also a glam rock feel to it that has been mashed up with some gothicness too.

The vocals are amazing. Very post-punk in style, although with that touch of glam too, they are really edgy and the lyrics are extremely catchy. Distortion is used on back up vocals to give the track a very alternative vibe and these also give the track depth and dynamism.

This is a track that gives us a nostalgic nod back to the sounds of the 80’s and 90’s, while also maintain and fresh and modern feel.

What an absolutely great track! And one that you should all go and check out too! Go on, off you go to Spotify, I’ll see you there!

Oh, and the Dr Who reference in the title and video? I absolutely love it!

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