Axus Bliss – Live Once, Die Twice

Axus Bliss are a five-piece modern melodic metal band from Richmond, USA and Live Once, Die Twice is their recent album, released on 31/10/2021.

Consisting of Carlton Kelly on vocals, Steven Lewis on guitar, Johnny Lewis on drums, and Daniel Parham and Casey Dunn both on bass, the band cite their influences as anything from 80’s rock and metal to early 70’s Sabbath to todays rock and metal progressions.

Live Once, Die Twice is a brilliant heavy metal album that draws the listener from the very first song. It was recorded in rented storage, and this shows through in the production which is raw and natural.

The guys combine various genres to create a gritty sound that is unique to them. The guitars are distorted and, producing a fuzzy, progressive sound that is greatly contrasted with thrash riffs. The solos are clean and polished and fantastically executed.

The drumming is brutal and energetic, the rawness of it showing just how unprocessed this band is. Strong basslines shine through and together, it creates a musical background that is seemingly chaotic, but one that is understated as it is the perfect accompaniment to the lead vocals.

The vocals are quirky and Carlton has a very wide vocal range, from almost death metal growls, to high falsetto screams and this is what shows the diversity of the band. The hectic nature of the music behind him, is matched by Carlton’s singing, as he appears to embrace his inner “madman.” Distortion is again used at times with the vocals, but the strength in his voice commands the songs easily and he is never overshadowed by any of the talent behind him.

Although the album appears unruliness (never a bad thing if you ask me!) there is also some order to it and a melodic nature to the band shines through.

I think this will appeal to a whole host of fans as classic metal, thrash metal, alternative metal, and heavy metal all make an appearance with this album. So, if you are a metal fan, please check these guys out! They recently supported Megadeth and I think big things are yet to come to them in 2023!

Awesome job Axus Bliss!

Track Listing:

1) Fallen Inside

2) As We Row The Waves Of Destruction

3) Cartel Love Affair

4) Can’t Get Enough

5) Parlay (for Choade)

6) Repetitions

7) Under Standing Still

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