Bootleg Royale – Bootleg II

Bootleg Royale are a four-piece band from Fayetteville, Arkansas in the USA and Bootleg II is there latest EP, released on 28/10/2022.

Cleverly combining a multitude of genres, from alternative rock to classic rock to the power pop sound of the Beach Boys, these four lads have created a sound quite unique to them.

The guitar work has a hint of the 60’s to it and this gives the EP a very nostalgic vibe to it. Clean guitar riffs are mixed with heavier riffs when they are needed to be as the music progresses into a more alternative rock sound.

The drumming is energetic at times, with lots of crashing cymbals and pounding bass drums but at others it is more laid back and has a softer tone to it. The bass in the EP is outstanding. More bass is needed in music in my opinion and this EP has oodles of it. Electronic organs are also introduced at various points in the EP, giving the songs a zing and a drive that is sometimes missed from music of today.

The vocals are somewhat quirky, soft but powerful and never overshadowed by the music that is accompanying them. The alternative style is sometimes counteracted by a more “glam” sound (think along the lines of Marc Bolan) and this really does stand this EP out from others! Layered backup vocals are a great addition to the lead and give the tracks depth.

This is quite an anthemic, catchy EP and the lyrics and harmonies will become your earworm after listening to it, but this is by no means a bad thing! This is a really great EP, its upbeat and extremely versatile as it switches form one genre to the next, effortlessly.

I will be keeping my ears and eyes peeled for anything else this foursome produce as I think they will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

So, if you are a fan of alternative and classic rock, indie pop/rock, soft rock or even hard rock then treat yourself and go and give Bootleg Royale a listen to! You might just like what you hear!

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