Anfang – Honey Trudge

Anfang are a three piece alternative / grunge rock band from Chicago and was formed in August 2018. Consisting of the soaring vocals of Andie Zaragoza, the riff heavy sound of Christian Newman on bass and rhythm guitar and Nick Rissler, the keeper of time on the drums, Honey trudge is their latest single, released on 20/01/2023.

One thing I love about music is the way it can make you move, and this track certainly does that. It is a bouncy, bombastic track that will certainly get you dancing around the living room.

The riff-laden guitars will get stuck in your head and the slight distortion gives the track a grungey feel, although the clean solos are a great contrast to this. The drumming is awesome, energetic and pounding and the basslines are funky and give the track some grooves.

Andie’s vocals are simply amazing. Her strong, powerful voice is able to command the song from start to finish and some layered backups really add a great depth and dynamism to the track. I can imagine she could turn her hand to any type of vocals if she wanted to but her voice is perfectly suited to this type of song.

This really is an fantastic track and one that should be heard by more people. Its springy, its upbeat and it totally rocks! Where have you been hiding Anfang?? Step out into the light and let the world see you for the totally awesome band you are!

I’m off to Spotify and YouTube to see what else I can find!

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