The Starkillers – Eyes Like Fire

Founded by frontman Jon Omen, The Starkillers are a four-piece band from Salt Lake City and Eyes Like Fire is their latest single, released on 20/01/2023.

With hundreds of thousands of streams for original releases and strong social media following this band are off to a great start, and that’s not even including the great music they produce.

A new name on my radar, these guys have a classic rock sound mixed with a bit of alternative, with a dash of groove and funk thrown in for good measure.

The guitar riffs are heavy (I like that a lot!) and the two guitars seem to play off each other, creating a great rhythm/lead guitar dual. The lead guitar solos, which are prevalent throughout the whole song, are clean and well executed and provide a great backdrop to the rest of the instrumentation.

The drumming is excellent, hard-hitting and really causes a splash throughout the song. The grooviness comes into the song by way of the basslines, which are funky, pounding and strong.

The singer has a grittiness to his voice that sets them in the alternative rock genre but he also has a funkiness that matches perfectly to the bass and slight distortion on everything gives the track a dirty, grungey vibe. Combining a multitude of genres and making it sound good is not an easy task to undertake, but these guys have literally smashed it!

This is an absolutely awesome track and I really can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Definitely added to my playlist, as will more be when I find them.


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