The House Flies – Glimmer EP

The House Flies are a derivative of grunge-metal band, Murnau, a band I have also previously reviewed, but this time they are concentrating on a darker, more haunting sound and they are showcasing this with their debut EP Glimmer, which was released on 17/01/2023.

Featuring new, original songs, plus a reworking of one that was written 20 years ago, the EP is just under 17 minutes in length and is inspired by the goth and post-punk sounds of bands such as Joy Division, The Cure and Sisters of Mercy.

Masterfully combining goth music with alternative rock and new wave, The House Flies has a sound that is quite rightly their own.

This four track EP is very atmospheric, dark and actually quite hypnotising.

The guitars are heavy when they need to be but more subtle at other times, the drumming is raw, almost industrial-like and the doomy basslines really make this EP stand out.  The layered instrumentation really gives the EP depth and draws you in to the music. Electronic keyboards also add to the increasing strength of this EP.

It’s the vocals that make this band and their sound mesmerizing. The singers voice has an ambience to it and the distortion used only adds to this. His voice is captivating yet melancholic, and the goth influence is clearly showing through here.

This is the sort of EP that should be listened to in the dark with the headphones on and the world shut out. I listened to it a few times, each time turning the volume up slightly and on each run through, I heard something different that I hadn’t heard previously. Experiencing this EP through headphones would, I think, be phenomenal! (Yep, something I am going to go and do straight after finishing this review!)

This EP takes us on a nostalgic trip back in time yet all the while feeling fresh and modern. It is raw and experimental, and I absolutely loved it.

So, calling all goths and post-punk people out there! Please go and check out The House Flies and their take on the goth/alternative sound. I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1) Hounds

2) Sequin

3) Blue

4) Apple

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