Band Spectra – Walai

Robert Manning is the face behind Band Spectra, and he has done some exceptional work! Robert is a disabled musician, hailing from the South-East of England. However, the idea of Band Spectra came about in 2020, after being told to use music as an aid in his medical condition, Multiple Sclerosis. Today we are looking at Band Spectra’s newest release, “Walai”!

“Walai” was released this month, I have to say it is an incredible piece of music! Band Spectra have teamed up with Olugbenga for this alternative rock/synth pop hit! I find this song extremely interesting due to its range in musical genre. There are elements of rock, yet also elements of pop and also elements of electro included in this track, and I just cannot get enough of it!

The beat in this track is quite harsh, with a heavy rock sound, yet the added electro pieces give the song further interest. The song is very catchy and is perfect to rock out to! You will undoubtedly find yourself banging your head and tapping your foot along to the beat of this one!

I also love the vocalism in this track! The male vocals reach very high notes, and I honestly love the unique vocals.

This song overall is just fantastic! Band Spectra shows that you should never let medical issues hold you down, as he has achieved so much! Go and give his new track “Walai” a listen to and you will not regret it!

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