Richard Lynch – Better Off

Richard Lynch is a traditional country musician who has worked with some of top names in the field and over the past forty years he has complied a long list of country hits chart-toppers, both in domestic and international sales and radio airplay charts.

Better Off is his latest single and was released on 20/01/2023.

This is a full on, all out country track and I must say, although country rock isn’t my go to genre at all, this one really made my day that little bit brighter!

The twang of the country guitars, with the laid back drumming and the acoustic guitar thrown in for good measure all combine to make this a really upbeat track that will certainly get you moving.

The vocals are typically country rock and they have a great swagger that really does make the listener smile.

The theme of the track is also quite positive, being better off after a romance breakdown, and this I think will relate to a lot of people.

Overall, this is a great track that is super catchy and has great singalongability!

If country rock is your thing, then please check out Richard Lynch. I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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